Timothy Spangler

Timothy Spangler is a commentator, lawyer, and academic who divides his time between Southern California and the United Kingdom.  The two decades he spent working on Wall Street and in the city of London have given him unlimited access to the inner workings of the global financial markets, and the economic trends that that are driving international affairs in the 21st century. Timothy has appeared on CNN, CNBC, BBC, and Sky News, and has been featured in The New York TimesWall Street JournalWashington Post, Financial Times, and The Economist. He also writes the award-winning blog, “Law of the Market,” dedicated to covering the politics of Wall Street regulation and the regulation of Wall Street politics (www.lawofthemarket.com and @lawofthemarket).When not contemplating the ridiculous and absurd aspects of finance and politics around the world, Timothy follows the rising and falling fortunes of Fulham Football Club in the English Premier League, and beyond.


It’s Just Like Watching Brazil

SUCCESS AND FAILURE on the football pitch has been a decisive element in Brazil's recent history. Perhaps no country's identity is ...

Life and Debt

Timothy Spangler interviews professor, author and activist Andrew Ross...

Every Accountant Tells a Story

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TELL A STORY. Depending on the circumstances, including the underlying motivations of the author, the accounts of an industrial ...

The New New Capitalism

DOES CAPITALISM NEED a moral defense? Do capitalists need a moral philosophy? George Gilder’s book, Wealth and Poverty, was ...

The New New Capitalism
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