This is an experiment. Photographer Spotlight was conceived as a series of interviews with photographers (and the occasional curator of photography), and to date I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with dozens of the most interesting artists in a world that I first came to love at its mecca, Paris Photo, in 2010. But the question of how to cover a more generalized art fair or festival, which increasingly welcomes photographic works into its outsized tents, has led us to try something that is curatorial rather than interrogative. In a way, this is more personal. As photography is fundamentally an art of selection, I have thus cherry-picked those images at last month’s Frieze London 2015 that compelled my gaze and thought enough to add them to a desultory mix we’ll call Photography Highlights. I leave it to our viewers to discern any market trend or thematic critical surge among the 18 chosen images. The former measure interests me not very much, and the latter only insofar as it might guide me, in mid-interview, to that felicitous union in the photographer’s own intellect where the eye and mind are wed. All are works by photographers who have made a claim to seriousness, depth, provocation, and a degree of mastery of the medium. And as for the ones still living, you may yet see them speak for themselves in upcoming Photographer Spotlight videos.