Graham Harman

Graham Harman is the Associate Provost for Research Administration and a member of the Department of Philosophy at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. His most recent books are Circus PhilosophicusToward Speculative Realism: Essays and Lectures, and a collection of essays edited with Levi Bryant and Nick Srnicek, The Speculative Turn: Continental Realism and Materialism.  

"A philosophical thought is not supposed to be impervious to all criticism; this is the error Whitehead describes of turning philosophy into geometry, and it is useful primarily as a way of gaining short-term triumphs in personal arguments that no one else cares (or even knows) about anyway. A good philosophical thought will always be subject to criticisms (as Heidegger’s or Whitehead’s best insights all are) but they are of such elegance and depth that they change the terms of debate, and function as a sort of 'obligatory passage point' … in the discussions that follow. Or in other words, the reason Being and Time is still such a classic, with hundreds of thousands or millions of readers almost a century later, is not because Heidegger made 'fewer mistakes' than others of his generation. Mistakes need to be cleaned up, but that is not the primary engine of personal or collective intellectual progress."

– Graham Harman


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