G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson is an American author of fiction, memoir, comics, and journalism. A convert to Islam, she lives part of the time in Egypt and has written for Egyptian newspapers. Her graphic novel Cairo, illustrated by J.K. Potter, was released in 2007 and her memoir The Butterfly Mosque (which was selected as a Seattle Times Best Book of the Year) in 2010. She divides her time between the US and Cairo.

"I was in Cairo when I started thinking in a serious way about how these [comic-book] ideas relate specifically to the Muslim community, because there were, and there are, a lot of very important conversations going on about how much of the tradition can be maintained in the modern world when so many things are different from the time period when these things were first conceived. And in order to keep as much of the tradition as possible people were really, really imbuing these old symbols with completely new and modern meanings, and so that’s what really inspired me to start thinking about the world of symbols as a whole, not just specifically within the Muslim community but everywhere, political symbols and artistic symbolism. But it was definitely being exposed to these specifically Muslim conversations that inspired me to think about those things."


Hacking the Arab Spring

BECAUSE I WILL probably forget to mention it later on: Alif the Unseen is a rattling good yarn, full of action ...

Hacking the Arab Spring