Chuck Eddy

Chuck Eddy is a music journalist from Detroit known for his eclectic taste and unorthodox, strongly held opinions. He has written for The Village Voice and Rolling Stone, and published three books to date: Stairway to Hell, The Accidental History of Rock'n'Roll, and Rock'n'Roll Never Forgets. Magnificent crank.


"I get mad at people who say I’m a contrarian. That’s honestly not where I come from. It probably does sound that way to a lot of people. I’m never going to hear the end of Teena Marie being in the Top 10 of Stairway to Hell. People think I set out to pull a fast one. I’ve said this over and over again: I went to my shelves and pulled out every album that, at one point in heavy metal’s history, could be called heavy metal — basically, loud guitars. Call me expedient. Call me lazy; I didn’t go back and listen to every Iron Maiden album when I wrote that book. But I was not being contrarian. It’s not to pull a fast one. And it’s not to say that everybody else is wrong. It’s to say, 'This is an interesting way to look at music.'"My opinion is that false metal is a kind of metal. That sounds like a joke, but to pop-metal fans, it was metal. It’s not like everybody agrees with each other anyway. To pretend there ever really has been a consensus among rock critics is a lie."

Interview with Chuck Eddy by Michaelangelo Matos for the Los Angeles Review of Books


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